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Bio-printing of 3D tissue structures for medical applications and for food [Shulamit Levenberg, Biomed. Eng.]
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Additive manufacturing of W-based powders having various morphology and shape [Daniel Safrachik, IIM]
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Novel bio-inspired route to low-temperature 3D printing of ceramic materials from an amorphous precursor [Boaz Porkoy, MSE]
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Design-Tech Lab combines Design and Technology with multiple 3D printing advanced technologies to solve wicked problem [Ezri Tarazi, Arch.]
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3D printing of an optimized concrete beam [Oded Amir, printed at Ghent Uni.]
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Heterogeneous spline-based parametric microstructures synthesis and 3D printing [Gershon Elber, CS]
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Additive manufacturing of brasses for valve and plumbing applications [Daniel Safrachik, IIM in collaboration with HAMAT Ltd.]
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The Technion Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing Center (TAMC) , inaugurated in 2021, reflects the Technion‘s commitment to promoting cutting-edge additive manufacturing (AM) innovation. The center was founded with the generous support of Mr. Robert Davis and is committed to fulfilling an academic leadership role in promoting futuristic advancements in AM technology, as well as supporting Israeli industry.

TAM will develop a comprehensive repository of AM data and technologies while encouraging, advising, and supporting synergic AM research efforts across an array of healthcare, transportation, energy, aerospace, homeland security and other needs. The TAM center will constitute a hub for enhancing and sharing additive manufacturing infrastructure, scientific knowledge and skillsets, and for supporting multidisciplinary AM research.

February 15, 2023 AM Webinars Proteins, the Art of Origami folding and AM
March 15, 2023 AM Day AMDAY 2023
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